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"Your work is to discover your work--and then with all your heart to give yourself to it." - Buddha

Fiber and Mixed Media Art

tropical My work explores the symbiotic meeting of elements such as fiber and paint, thread and brushstrokes. It is a constant search for the point where mixed media melds into objects that transcend traditional ideas of quilting and fine art or craft. I often turn to the tradition of painting and drawing as a way to develop my ideas. My use of color is usually vibrant and bold. Natural elements inspire my work and I find that the patterns and colors in the world around me provide a wealth of ideas for expression. The objects I create reflect on the world as I experience it - alive and vibrant with an ever changing juxtaposition between the natural and the manmade. They are a vehicle for the viewer to see the world through my eyes.

Why I Do What I Do

Recent Work

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